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Introducing A sprinkle of freckles

B540462B-17A7-47BE-B0FE-2D56753470A3Hi everyone, and thank you for taking the time to have a look! a Sprinkle of Freckles idea was born when I wanted to give my readers a dedicated spot for our lifestyle posts rather than digging through all of our beauty over at GingerTalks.co.uk 

Having take the time to shoot everything and get everything where we would like it for now on GingerTalks.co.uk  and now making it the place dedicated to the beauty & fashion we felt that it was time to ope up another new place just for everything else we enjoy, with the same passion, same ethos of truly telling you what we have enjoyed and have actually tried out!

If you would like to feature or have something we can review please email us at sprinkleoffrecklesblog@gmail.com

We will be including food, travel, entertainment and other lifestyle news & reviews

You can find us at the following places: Twitter | Facebook | InstagramWe cannot wait to start sharing with you everything we’ve got so far! Launching end of March 2018 x

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